Winter 2021

The MSGIA team is currently working remotely.  Our staff’s phones are forwarded and our main phone number provides you the option to select a staff person's name.  Desk phones are forwarded to each staff member at their remote locations. Here's a guide (see right column) on which MSGIA staff members might be able to assist.

Workers' Compensation General coverage questions:
Kevin Bartsch - or 406.475-5069 OR Shawn Bubb - or 406.439.7958

Property and Liability General coverage questions:

Matt Komac - or 406.439.6200 OR  Shawn Bubb - or 406.439.7958

Property and Liability claim questions: Jeremey May - or 406.457.4409

WC payroll reporting or premium questions: Lisa Gates or 406.457.4505

Workers Compensation Claim Adjusters:
Shauna Foley
: 406.457.4411
Gina Keltz: 406.457.4413
Brenda Damuth: 406.457.4412
Katy Sides: 406.449.4405

WC and Property and liability claims can most easily be reported to us online at this link:

MSGIA Certified School Risk Management Associates include:

Annette or 406.439.1271
Harry or 406.438.3693

Callers also have the option of leaving a message at our main number 406.457.4500 – messages are checked and returned periodically throughout each day.  

The Power of Movement 

By Shawn Bubb, CPA, CIC, CSRM, Director of Insurance Services

Although hope is in sight with vaccine approval and distribution plans rolling out, the lingering effects of the pandemic continue to impact our physical and mental well-being. A great way to counter these impacts is to re-discover some level of physical activity that gets your heart pumping and your mind thinking while putting a smile on your face.

We are fortunate to live in Montana and have so many convenient and affordable options for healthy and safe physical activity, be it moderate or vigorous. If ever there was a time we need healthy and safe activities to create that necessary life balance and generate those welcome feel-good endorphins, this is undoubtedly that time. So, I’m happy to provide a brief list of ideas from our benefits provider for these kinds of activities. READ MORE

Reducing Auto Physical Damage & Auto Liability Losses

By Matt Komac, Assistant Director - PC Pool Operations

What a year 2020 has been, especially for public education in Montana. While some districts have maintained a fully operational and open-school environment, many have had to implement a hybrid learning model. Still, others have had to completely shut down for a period of time. READ MORE


Slips, Trips and Falls

By Kevin Bartsch, Assistant Director Workers Compensation Pool Operations

Although we are dealing with the unprecedented difficulties associated with a pandemic, and despite that, we have received little snow thus far this winter, it is as important as ever that we remain vigilant when it comes to preventing Slips, Trips, and Falls in the workplace. We can avoid many of these injuries, along with most of the financial costs and the related toll on morale, productivity, and human resources, if we take the necessary measures to identify and reduce the causes of these all-too-common accidents.  READ MORE

Safe Driving Tips

By Annette Satterly, Risk Management Associate and Harry Cheff, Risk Management Associate 

Anyone who has had a teenage driver in the house has experienced the sticker shock that comes with that first notice you get from your insurance provider. The unusually high rates are tied to the fact that providers know well that teenage drivers are not experienced at recognizing and navigating the kinds of hazards that often lead to accidents. READ MORE