Winter 2018

When is the Highest Probability of a Slip/Fall on Snow and Ice Incident?

By Shawn Bubb, MSGIA Director of Insurance Services

That is the million-dollar question, or, more to the point in Montana, it is often the $21,000-dollar question – as that is the approximate amount of money your school district would save each time you prevent these from happening for one of your employees.  The answer – between November 1 and March 30 – is not surprising, though it is notable because of its predictability in a place of customarily long, frigid winters. Read more

Preparing for Winter Concerts

by Annette Satterly, Risk Management Associate and Harry Cheff, Risk Management Associate

Back by popular demand, below is a timely reminder about those upcoming winter concerts and the perils associated with decking the halls! 

In almost every school across Montana, staff and students are preparing for winter concerts.  When students, staff and community members arrive at the site of the concert, most fail to realize the amount of preparation that went into these memorable events.  The music and band instructors have spent the better part of the fall preparing students for this special occasions, and the frenetic, fun week of the concerts are full of rehearsals and other last-minute preparations.  Custodial and maintenance personnel are thus busy assisting with many of these essential, time-sensitive details. Read more


This Winter Features the Olympics and Student Outdoor Activities

By Tim Fitzpatrick, Claims Manager

The 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea is just a couple months away, and it’s amazing to think about how many of the events that those elite, highly trained athletes will compete in – such as sledding, skating, and skiing – are the very same activities as our students here in Montana participate in across the state each winter.  Accordingly, as school districts gear up for the fun and exciting winter outdoor activities, it is important we use extra caution and thoughtful planning in order to ensure our students have fun and remain safe. At all times, participants should make sure they have the proper equipment and that it is working correctly (helmets, ski bindings that release correctly, proper fitting skates, and safety rules everyone follows, etc.). Read more

Timely Claim Reporting

By Matt Komac, P/C Claims Examiner

At MSGIA, we work hard to reduce our members’ exposures and prevent losses from occurring; but, unfortunately, no matter how proactive we are with risk management, losses still happen.  When those losses do occur, it is critical that our members understand the importance of timely claim reporting.  Read more

How to Report an Auto Claim using MSGIA Mobile App through Origami Risk Mobile Forms

Winter Driving

By Annette Satterly, Risk Management Associate

As you probably know, I spend quite a bit of time traveling our fine state. While I do not claim to be an expert on driving, I am qualified to share some best practices for safe driving during the winter months.

First, dust up on your winter driving skills. Next, make sure your vehicle is road-ready, by following this suggested pre-winter checklist for your vehicle: Read more

La Nina moves in for the winter – What this means to our pool members

by Linda Coombs, Liability/Property Adjuster

NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center has announced that La Nina climate pattern has arrived and will likely persist through the winter.  This is the second winter in a row with a La Nina weather event. 

La Nina is a natural ocean-atmospheric phenomenon marked by cooler-than-average sea surface temperatures in the central Pacific near the equator.  In this part of the country, these variables often contribute in winter months to above-average-precipitation and colder-than-average temperatures.

What does this mean for our pool members?  Among other concerns, it means a whole lot of extra premises maintenance.  Here, then, are a few suggestions on how to approach winter hazards in order to help reduce the number of injuries and the amount of property damage in the coming months. Read more