Back-to-School 2020

The MSGIA team is currently working remotely.  Our staff’s phones are forwarded and our main phone number provides you the option to select a staff person's name.  Desk phones are forwarded to each staff member at their remote locations. Here's a guide (see right column) on which MSGIA staff members might be able to assist.

Workers' Compensation General coverage questions:
Kevin Bartsch - or 406.475-5069 OR Shawn Bubb - or 406.439.7958

Property and Liability General coverage questions:

Matt Komac - or 406.439.6200 OR  Shawn Bubb - or 406.439.7958

Property and Liability claim questions: Jeremey May - or 406.457.4409

WC payroll reporting or premium questions: Lisa Gates or 406.457.4505

Workers Compensation Claim Adjusters:
Shauna Foley
: 406.457.4411
Gina Keltz: 406.457.4413
Brenda Damuth: 406.457.4412
Katy Sides: 406.449.4405

WC and Property and liability claims can most easily be reported to us online at this link:

MSGIA Certified School Risk Management Associates include:

Annette or 406.439.1271
Harry or 406.438.3693

Callers also have the option of leaving a message at our main number 406.457.4500 – messages are checked and returned periodically throughout each day.  

New MSGIA Training Resources – Sexual Abuse – Prevention and Awareness Training

By Shawn Bubb, Director of Insurance Services

We are nearing the time in a "normal year" that all of the preparations for a new school session are all seeming right in front of us.  This year, even a few weeks prior to the scheduled start dates, there are still many doubts and uncertainties.

Thoughts about a wide variety of issues...In-person or virtual classes?  How to address the concerns of parents and staff?  Personal protection items required?  Staffing concerns?   Budget concerns?  In addition to all of the thoughts and concerns related to the Pandemic of 2020, administrators have other issues that still come up.  I wanted to bring up a current safety scenario related to one of those. READ MORE

School Activities and COVID-19

By Harry Cheff, Certified School Risk Manager

As schools across Montana begin the 2020-2021 school year, there are the usual start-up questions and concerns that come at the beginning of each year.  Staff is preparing their classrooms for the arrival of students, maintenance/custodial staff are finishing up summer projects, and administration is double-checking final lists to assure a smooth start to the school year.  In addition to these usual preparations, there are of course others this year associated with COVID-19.  READ MORE

Facility Use in Montana Public Schools

By Matt Komac, Assistant Director – PC Pool Operations

During normal circumstances, Montana School districts are tasked with balancing requests from the community for use of your facilities with the challenges that attend minimizing liability exposure and preventing property damage.  Adding COVID-19 to the mix introduces yet another set of issues that you must address before a decision can be made by your board of trustees. READ MORE

Infectious Disease Preparedness and Response Plan

By Annette Satterly, Certified School Risk Manager

In the last few years, as Harry and I have been reviewing and assisting with emergency operation plans (EOPs), many of the districts have been removing the sections on Pandemic Diseases. This was considered practical at the time, as doing so focused attention on hazards that were believed to be more likely to take place. Surprise! Now we have been learning first-hand about living with a pandemic. READ MORE

Reducing Auto Losses Through Practice and Training

By Annette Satterly, Certified School Risk Manager and  Harry Cheff, Certified School Risk Manager

The MSGIA Pool has been experiencing losses in Auto Liability/Auto Physical Damage, and we can attribute most of the costly accidents to drivers either being in a hurry or being distracted.  Many of the accidents can thus be prevented and the necessary claims avoided by taking a few simple steps: READ MORE